• Are you a radiology center seeking to resolve unavailability issues?

  • Are you an established chain seeking smarter and more affordable solutions?

  • Are you a hospital in a remote area facing a shortage of qualified radiologists?

  • Are you facing difficulties to fill gaps in radiology sub-specialty needs?

  • Are you a new hospital or radiology center seeking reliable tele-radiology services with zero investment?

  • Are you a startup seeking an affordable plug-and-play radiology service with PACS that guarantees the secure storage and transmission of sensitive patient data?

How can Medikalz help you!

Flexible Report-Formats:

We embrace flexibility in report formats and languages. Tailor your diagnostic interpretations to suit your preferences and operational processes effortlessly.

Subspecialty Expertise:

Support your diagnostic capabilities with our rich and diverse subspecialty knowledge to guarantee precise radiological interpretations and smooth patient flow.

Remote Area Services:

We are specialized in addressing the challenges faced by hospitals in remote areas seeking specialized expertise of top-tier radiologists to bridge gaps in healthcare delivery.

Zero Startup Costs:

We deliver services without any upfront expenses, ensuring smooth and safe transition of data.

Emergency Reports:

Our routine report-delivery time is 6 working HRS. We provide different packages including emergency reports.

Operational Management:

Experience efficient radiology operational management backed by clear KPIs for enhanced efficiency.

Reliable Services at Affordable Costs:

We provide tele-radiology reports at costs within reach. We prioritize reliability without compromising affordability.

Customized Solutions:

We recognize the requirements and individuality of each healthcare facility and deliver personalized teleradiology services integrated with your activities.

What we offer


We take pride in the high caliber of our medical professionals, knowing that their qualifications and accreditations contribute to our success.

Our Team of Accredited Doctors:

Board-Certified Radiologists: Our doctors hold prestigious board certifications, a testament to their rigorous training and proficiency in the field of radiology.

Subspecialty Certifications: Our radiologists boast diverse subspecialty certifications that ensures the provision of comprehensive diagnostic services.

Fellowships and Memberships:

FEBR (Fellow of the European Board of Radiology): Demonstrating international recognition, our doctors hold fellowships with the European Board of Radiology.

FRCR (Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists): Acknowledging excellence, our doctors are fellows of the prestigious Royal College of Radiologists, ensuring a commitment to the highest standards in radiological practice.

Continuous Professional Development: Medikalz doctors actively engage in ongoing professional development, staying abreast of the latest advancements and best practices in the ever-evolving field of radiology.